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Worshiped and Feared: The Value in Being Both

When life begins to feel infectious, and your spirit builds momentum, have you noticed how some are horrified or competitive while others celebrate and meet you in your garden of power? As I have let go of expectations in all my relationships and replaced them with acceptance of what people do and say as true, I find deep value in being worshiped and feared.

Being powerful is an incredible state. As I experience it, it begins deep in the earth below me and extends up through the midline of my human and energetic form, expanding outwardly and extending up and out my crown chakra into the center of the universe. Too, my mind is conscious, light, steadily focused, and at the same time, agile to the present moment. While in this alignment, everything comes to me effortlessly; I am magnetic, receiving current desires and the things I "let go of" that once inspired purpose in my life journey.

Over and over, I have experienced what it means to be worshiped and feared. That power-self I described above has been too much for some people, so I made myself small, or others shamed me into it. Being a hella cute and sexy, left-handed, green-eyed redhead with freckles everywhere also drew much attention from admirers or wannabes who passively bullied me from a young age. Having non-conforming opinions and actions didn't make things easy either; that put many people off, or they desired that bold and courageous way. Yet, if I was too visible, I feared being made wrong. And I was always in trouble! Oh, I really enjoy sharing that! On some level, it is in me to be at risk when inspired, regardless of how people respond to me.

Coming to know thyself honestly offers growth and juicy life lessons. Here is the lesson as I sense it; the universe wants humanity to thrive by treating all life's experiences as a continuum of polarities(I will write more about Polarity for August) and not get stuck in any one thing.

If you choose, the following is some Self-Realization homework for August: Add the following questions to a journal for the next 33 days to analyze your daily responses. After day 21, look for patterns of behavior or circumstances. If you see a pattern, then switch it up intentionally. Warning; this could get messy, so roll with it by being easy on yourself.

  • Have you noticed what type of energy you are attracted to or repelled by?

  • Noticing what your first response to a stimulus is; thoughts or feelings?

  • Do you understand when your mind, body, or energy is "activated" by another person or circumstance?

  • How comfortable is it for you to claim your own value or power in a group setting?

Recently my childlike wonder returned to me. In a new way, The feeling tone of play and joy within me is the one who views the world and those in it. I can sense the vastness in sounds; laughter, birds, talking - smells; dirt, sand, trees. Visceral awareness skills have always been a strength for me, but now...WOW! I am now gifted a herculean ability to see all from an Eagles' perspective. This evolution of energetics didn't happen overnight; on July 30th, it will be 58 years of maturation and deep diving into discovering happiness and assuming responsibility for all that I experience within my system and with people or circumstances that come into my life. The road has been long to know the value of being feared and worshiped for being my most authentic self.

When one says no, yes, or selectively gives their attention, whatever the response is, I recommend consciously and carefully engaging all that life brings your way. And please know this, if you choose to get up and off your Lions throne to meet another, you both will experience something cause that's how life energy works, like it or not.

Blessings to you all during this expansive and sometimes catapulting Leo season.

~ the Mystic Agent


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