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Days before I rolled into Fall, the season of slowing down and turning inward, I received a creative inspiration download, and I am being guided to CREATE IT NOW.

I have done so much already this year, and frankly, I was looking forward to wrapping up projects to completion!

How can I sustain my Hearts Passion when I've already given so much this year? Between working full-time, completing my certification as a teacher, caring for my family, cleaning the house, washing the clothes (my partner does most of the cooking, thank goodness!)…and, maintain a level of fitness while eating nutritious foods is a full-time plus over-time job! What energy and space remain to give to A NEW creative pursuit?

I received this idea from the divine, so in that way, I don't question its validity. And, I am still human and need to have boundaries that support my nature so, before I INVEST my energy, I investigate it's value to me. And, based upon my LIFE LESSONS I know the first question is vital to my system;

Will this be reciprocal?

I feel, yes. Time allocation is minimal due to preexisting work and my experience level. The venture is cost-effective, which is another reason I love this vision! And, it's an excellent commercial concept to boot! (Can you feel my passion?!)

The second question; Is this a distraction from my primary focus?

No. On the contrary, it comes from my unique point of view and supports the bigger vision.

Final question, Do I enjoy doing this?

HECK YES!!! I love to create content! The best part of this project is, my friends, want to do this with me and, we can all benefit from doing it, which is a powerful and potent creative force! Photo by Snapwire

Let's GO!

Next Week's blog; HOW to Sustain the Hearts Passion with Fire Energy


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