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BUYER BEWARE = Responsibility First

Do you know the saying, "Buyer beware?" This legal term makes every person responsible for the who, what, when, where, and how one engages with another. Which means there are no victims only lessons to be learned.

Being Responsible for how we engage with other humans requires conscious awareness of self. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are swimming in a pool with other energy through conductivity. Society keeps us confused by teaching us to

"be nice" by not speaking our truth, which is passive and creates confusion and a lack of trust because we can ALL sense the lie in the room! Or like all good dictators, know what is "best," therefore "take" without permission or consent. Let's discuss

passive and forced engagements by taking a look at the Negative pole subtleties of ATTACHMENT and DETACHMENT when GIFTING our ENERGY.

The Question; Which end of the spectrum do you engage from with others?

Examples of ATTACHMENT:

Applying willpower to push a specific outcome or agenda

Manipulating by qualifying people or making others feel bad or being divisive

Figuring out a path around an object


Examples of active DETACHMENT:

Watching as others take without my consent, "Did they ask me?" or "Is that a question?"

Passivity by saying, "you decide or I don't care."

Giving away the power of choice

KNOW THYSELF Photo by nappy


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