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Cherry Picking Ethics

Updated: Apr 4

Have you seen the political ad from Marianne Williamson entitled Disrupt the Corrupt? The heart of the slogan floods the mind with the improprieties of human behavior. Traditionally, it is frowned upon to share your political views. Think about this: our thoughts are vibrational energy streams that are all connected to one another, so let’s flip that old script and recognize that our thoughts are not just our own. In fact, we are not hiding when we withhold our thoughts because what we are experiencing is also being experienced by others. How much better would the world be if we brought our true grievances and intentions out into the open? By shining a light on any hidden agendas or incongruent values and ethics, we free up stuck energy! 

When we don’t speak and act with integrity, we are cherry-picking our ethics. 

Would you make a decision or convict someone based on one person’s words or one news outlet’s opinion? Without transparency, we are left to do our own research.  

I want those who read this to understand that anyone can be unethical, personal-agenda-driven humans, including miraculous healers. They might be spiritual, your trusted teachers, and all types of religious followers as well. In the past year, I have had a few direct, difficult conversations with my teachers, who demonstrated themselves by acting manipulative and unethical. What I discovered was them cherry-picking, their values based on circumstances instead of their commitments and agreements. In life, we all need to pivot when change presents itself, but it’s how we orchestrate these changes that matter. Implementing change requires open dialogue and conversations around their impact so that all sides can walk away with good faith behind them. That could mean that neither party is satisfied with the outcome.


What I am about to share took me off guard, and still, I know I was in the right place at the right time. I also know that many of us are experiencing something similar, perhaps with a different face and story behind it. 

Cherry-picking ethics at APTA
American Polarity Therapy Association


The members of the American Polarity Therapy Association voted for me to represent them as a Board of Directors member. On April 3rd, 2023, and thereafter, I personally witnessed dishonest acts by every member of that Board. More importantly, I witnessed good, innocent men and women being slandered publicly by the Board, and as a result, one lost their practice for a period of time. This elected Board manipulated its members with their energy, words, and actions. I witnessed them misrepresenting facts to further their "cause." After filing an Ethics Complaint against them, I took a leave of absence from the Board. During this last year, I kept asking myself, why am I here in the disruptor's seat again after a long, long hiatus? At this point in my life, being a disruptor is different than it was in the past, now its a comfy rocking chair to me- one that is well-worn and hand-made of leather. Sometimes, I engage, and other times I won't. When I do, it's from a place of ease.

Today, April 3rd, 2024, is the year anniversary of the inciting incident. An 8-month review by APTA’s own Ethics Committee was completed on December 14th, 2023, and no action has been taken, which indicates to me that the Board is incapable of self-governance, so for me, the time for sitting still has passed. And please don't believe what I am saying; instead, I am publicly posting the Findings from my ethics complaint and the CGCs for anyone to review and draw their own conclusions.

Download PDF • 397KB

Download PDF • 414KB

In my experience, all of the leaders in the APTA Polarity Community have heard rumors or are aware that an unethical hostile takeover occurred; some even quit APTA, but most are ignoring it. 

What comes up for me is: when does neutrality become passivity?

In the healing world, we value neutrality as a way of observation without judgment and engagement. As facilitators of Energy Medicine, this neutral “Holding Space” way allows a process to happen without resistance. Yet, as a facilitator, if you were watching someone being attacked, would you stand by and be neutral? Or, if there is a fire in your home, are you going to stand there being neutral instead of getting water to put it out? Doing nothing while the very ethics and standards you agree to are being trampled on is an act of passivity and possibly collaboration with the “cause” at the expense of others. APTA’s Ethics Committee investigation, in summation, asks the President to step down, among other egregious conclusions that could leave APTA liable. My consistent experience with the board members is that they act and speak as if they are above reproach, even when addressing APTA's own well-established Ethics, Standards, and Procedures, which they were elected to honor. 

Is holding onto neutrality always an appropriate response? Is this the “just” reaction to violations of this proportion? Is doing nothing, something? 

As Joni Mitchell says: "I've looked at life from both sides now...It's life’s illusions, I recall, I really don't know life at all. 

But now, old friends are acting strange."

Once dear friends and mentors are now refusing to even look at the findings of the Ethics Committee's 8-month review. I am left to assume that avoidance and denial, for them, are bliss. One can only conclude that for some in the APTA healing community, it is honorable and considered "love" to turn the other cheek in the face of numerous unethical acts for the sake of neutrality and compassion for the nefarious. These are actions of avoidance, plain and simple. These “friends” are cherry-picking ethics based on what serves them best. Often, those in the healing arts want to remain in the water element of life, leaving them unable to give a warranty for anything they say or do; some healers even refuse to apologize for their actions. This philosophy is that everything that happens is as it should be because they listened to their guidance and did their best in that moment. After all, they would say, the creative power only lay in the NOW, so don't second guess it. However, this watery approach foolishly dismisses the power of the earthly element, which calls for structure. To honor the foundation of APTA, the findings of the Ethics Committee want to be openly presented and discussed with its members to decide their next steps.

For those still here, we live in a dualistic world; it is not for us to bypass what is happening around us. When we are of pure intentions and within a neutral essence, we can take in any aspect of reality without its residue getting stuck as it passes through us. This means we can move within what is unethical and stand in that fire until it is grounded, and if done well, still remain neutral. Avoidance is not healing, it only prolongs the disease. Instead, healing is done by honoring your life's construction of ethics, standards, and procedures to manifest destiny. Otherwise, it's just an illusion.


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