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Life Expands and Contracts

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Can I witness my life's expansion and contractions? Have I noticed how my interactions can flow effortlessly expanding, and then suddenly shift to present challenges or stop signs? How do I handle the pullbacks of energy, the constrictions...or stagnation when nothing is happening?

While how energy moves are based on cause and effect, there is more to it. Much more. The idea of being "positive" all the time, is false. Our system needs all the aspects of energy to thrive: Positive, Negative, and Neutrality.

Let's focus on what reflects "back to us" through the lens of ebb and flow. How do I respond to the situations and relationships continually moving in and out of my life? Please think of and write down 3 experiences, as an example for each: expansion, contraction, and then stagnation. Now, notice how each of these different types of energies makes you feel.

Moving forward, can I greet these vibes in neutral observation knowing this will pass because what comes in must go long as I don't hold onto it, push back at it or name it. Instead, meet the moments as the energy processes as they are. Say "hello" with the eyes of a child in the wonder of all its possibilities.

Resistance in the Resistance: Notice it. Honor it, and ask yourself, where does my resistance/attachment/personalizing(name what you feel, please do not use my example if they do not apply) come from? How can I support my self in this thing?

Ultimately, by owning the honest responses and working with what is true, I can simply say, "This is a contraction of energy" without any attachment or polarizing judgments.


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