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Are You Aware When You Co-Mingle Energy?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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There's an old interview question commonly asked; "Are you a leader or a follower?" How many of you thought one was a better skill than the other? I certainly did. If I answered the question, I would always tell you, "I am a leader. No doubt, a leader." Yet, I unknowingly have co-mingled my energy by taking the path of least resistance or doing what is easy. In my early 20's and well into my 40's, I took jobs where I supported others' dreams. Every day I woke with a passion for life and gifted that powerful energy to their career goals. As a Talent Agent, I am the visionary architect behind Tiffany Haddish's explosive career success and velocity not seen in decades in Hollywood.

Who's manifestation river am I in?

I can still feel that burst of energy I felt when I awoke each day during that time! I can hear people reflecting on me, amazed at what I was doing for Actors before they broke big. And there was jealousy from other Actors and competitors who wanted the opportunities I had created.

Back then, I didn't understand the depth of what my "energy" was creating or how to apply it consciously. I was functioning based on the simpleton premise that we grew up, found a partner, moved out of our parent's home, and got jobs working to support ourselves. My belief about life was limited and ignorant. I didn't know about my systemic history or how the elemental properties affected my system, nor did I understand what it meant to be autonomous. This trifecta is foundational in knowing Thyself.

The definition of autonomy is independence in one's thoughts or actions.

Autonomy is the right or condition of self-government. The capacity of a system to make a decision about its actions without the involvement of another system or operator.

How can we make decisions on our own if we don't understand first, ask questions, and analyze our Familia history and those beliefs handed down to us through generations? Who knows, you might discover that some of your ideas or patterns of behavior came from people you didn't even know. Do you want to be clear about what you are doing and why? Naming your systemic family as they are, honors the threads of energy that connect your lineage and, in turn, supports your leadership.

Example; Speaking what is true; I am Shannon McLaren, I am the daughter of John XYZ and Gretchen XYZ and the granddaughter of my Fathers parents and Mothers parents.

To be Autonomous or Self-Realized is one of the most credible things we can do to understand ourselves, our extended families, and our communities. Self-Realization begins within, noticing your own human energy systems (HES)indicators that communicate with you in every moment. Sensory perception and intuition are the skills needed to understand your HES. They are innate and forgotten as we depend more and more on tools outside of the Self like other people, clocks, books, computers; still, these skills can be easily re-learned.

When we have a question, how many of us investigate, explore and resource what we think, why we believe things, and notice what we feel in our body on any subject before calling a friend or using a google search? Becoming consciously aware requires you to; "Learn the self" to answer the question:

Am I manifesting for myself or collective energy?

Currently, society is experiencing a run-away large herd mentality around vaccine programs. It feels like two primary groups yet, there are many different views about it. I use this as an example because the statement alone will incite most people's feelings or thoughts. Question; "Do you become upset or impassioned when the topic comes up?" An honest answer tells you whether you are manifesting for the Self or as the collective.

How does that co-mingling happen?

Generally speaking, if your answer is yes, you are probably attached energetically and/or emotionally to some collective aspect; therefore, energies have co-mingled. Here are some warning signs you are connecting to someone else's energy stream vs. your own:

  1. Focusing on what others do or are doing(or not doing).

  2. Running stories (either positive or negative) in your mind over and over.

  3. Expectations of another person, place, or thing.

  4. Not feeling "like yourself" or behaving out of character.

  5. Frustration or upsetness often leading to digestive issues. Or digestion issues.

  6. Sudden switch of mood like; joy or uncontrollable laughter.

Do you remember walking into a room or an event and immediately feeling something in the space? The experience could be anything from excitement to stuffy tension.

What was the feeling for you?

Exactly, and you just walked right into it. Co-mingling with others' energy doesn't have to be wrong either. How about surrounding yourself with 5 of the most influential people you know? I would love to seep in their energy for as long as I could! Wherever your experience lies on this continuum, does the frequency become you, or can you leave the space exactly how you entered it?

Generally, the answer is no;

We become the thing we surround ourselves with.

*Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.

Think about how water behaves; it is self-leveling. You may think about it this way; we are swimming in a pool every day, and the closer we come to another person, we merge with the others water aspects.

Don't let the mist and water of someone else's channel take you away.

Discovering your beliefs, behaviors, and expression is key to re-orienting yourself as the Leader of our life and creations, thereby placing you directly on our souls' path. The ability to acknowledge the difference between where your energy begins and ends within the collective energy field is a powerful tool and perhaps the most challenging feat of human hood.

Once you reset your life from within as the Leader you are, you will see the value of both roles; leading and following. Approach every moment as a learning opportunity for your life and be responsible for what and how you feel and think. In that way, you will always be a student; if you choose to follow another, do so consciously and with permission.

Be the Leader you dream of; when you do, magic will happen!

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