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Updated: Feb 5

Do you know how to break the behavior you use to protect your heart?

The heart has the most significant electromagnetic resting frequency in our being, meaning it is freaking sensitive and powerful ~ it feels and knows the truth of everything! When we are young, this heightened awareness and felt intelligence coming through the heart space could be stunted and dulled by things from gestation or adoption, which one might think is unknown to a fetus or baby. Other examples include parents ignoring, shaming, directing, or redirecting their children's thoughts, feelings, or emotional needs.

Behaviors that could indicate a traffic jam to breaking open the heart layers are unique to each of us. Some talk insistently to justify and express their point of view or circumstances when it could be their self-belief is lacking. Others entertain with a joke or sarcasm to make themselves feel more important than others when it could be they feel small. Or, challenge yourself to be open-hearted with another to prove your worthiness, but you don't vibe with that person? Is the real issue wanting to be overcome to listen and honor one's own truths first ~ you don't relate with them.

What if I said the thing you want the most in life is the thing you are avoiding, and identifying that thing that will break open your heart?

What is it that you want?

Perhaps coming out of the micro conversation like finger-pointing and into the macro view of "what you want to receive" is the sweet spot to nurture the heart space and create safety for the earth element within the human energy system.

How does one get past the story or circumstances to understand and self-soothe so one can know the soul-level desire? Bypassing one's felt process to logically think, "What is it that I want here?" is not what I am suggesting. Questions of "how" and "when" are best when your energy system is ready to open and are supported by a meditative process that is the foundation of healthy mind-consciousness:

1. Notice when you are thinking thoughts or having an emotional experience.

"There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind- you are the one who hears it."

quote by: The Untethered Soul