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Can You Sit with Discomfort?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Many are experiencing the same theme; The inability to sit still (or tantrum wildly) with emotional pain or discomfort. Typically, we would "do" something...anything to distract us from doing the responsible work of self-care. Can I "meet" the challenges that visceral emotionality creates within my Human Energy system? To "meet" the dragon within, we need to identify "it." Where does this turmoil begin? Sure, "the mind"...when we change our thoughts, our energy response in kind, but DAMN that dragon is loose, wild and hot ...I am on FIRE, and now you want me to think? LOL!!! You are funny!!!

What do I need to move the energy and to begin a visceral reset? First, the ability to discern that "I am WILDLY ANGRY" is enormous! It shows consciousness and the ability to witness the self! YEAH!!! So now, let's ask our system what it needs. Speak to the self, in a supportive way. The way you want to be spoken to and heard. Then...

allowing ourselves to have it will soften the energy, so movement can happen until the energetic cycles are complete. During that process, maybe we punch pillows instead of breaking plates or run, scream, cry, write down our thoughts, etc. What is it for you?? Ask yourself, "what do I need?" Whatever comes up is the right answer, even if there is confusion or a new emotion that arises, including resignation. It is all good, mostly...

HONOR it = Honoring YOU!

Our mind is a great liar! It loops the thoughts and behaviors of our own doing or of our surroundings. Have you had relationships where you firmly said "no more," but continued to go back? Or you focus precious energy on others while forgoing personal needs? Are you a team player, always putting the team first?

Where is the "I" in "team?" Contrary to the patriarchal mantra's we have been sold: "I" comes BEFORE THE TEAM! My personal boundaries, wellness, and soul connection come first. So, when we stop running from thoughts, relationships, behaviors, emotions, and sit down with the discomfort, in order to reprogram the mind and old behavioral responses and create more freedom to PLAY your way!!!


How can we disconnect from obligations without feeling guilty or making ourselves wrong? Can we REALLY have what we want?


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