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Gifting Your Energy to Others.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Do you really know the people you gift your time and energy to? I’ve been playing with this concept for a while because I definitely want to know people before I invest my time. The shortest route I have found to know people is by acknowledging who they portray themselves to be through their actions, words, and behaviors. Believing them saves me from future heartache and confrontation.

Having friends, good friends, and being in rapport with others is something everyone wants to do because it’s in our nature to desire inclusion. We all want to be seen, heard, and, most important of all, be included. But are we ignoring the words and actions of our friends, lovers, associates, and family in order to fulfill that desire?


Often relationships energetically match an automatic and pattern response that emanates from us, so when encountering people, we might experience an immediate level of comfort or dislike, even at that first meet-up. All humans react from patterned emotions, behaviors, and thoughts that lead to their decisions and actions. For example, when someone feels fear, they tend not to act. These unconscious responses lack one crucial aspect that could redirect them; discernment. To begin to shift the unconscious into consciousness, ask questions; where is the trepidation coming from, and whether it is really their fear or perhaps the reaction someone taught them to respond with? Before projecting these issues onto others, as a consequence of unconscious actions, take time and muse on your intentions or discover “why,” AKA the motive; doing this can halt future relationship pain.

“I always say- somewhat famously- “The person with the problem is the person with The Problem.”

~ the Mystic Agent

It’s difficult to see ourselves. Even when the experience wasn’t initiated by, it still happens, and I now have the problem too. Whenever I think or feel a certain way about something, through a self-realization process, I find it’s about me and my system's cystic pain or trauma. So, I have a problem. The problem. But how?


Energetic Geometric configurations are what weave conscious and unconscious connections through the element of ether or the unseen wireless universe, previously known as God. Not only does energy align in an organized geometric way, but it is also disorganized, so you may also find yourself involved with a dissonant energy blob. Quick story of a dissonant energy experience: I was in Vegas at the Roulette table, and a very “altered” couple was also playing at the table. Suddenly, a dense black-grayish blob of energy appeared and hovered before my eyes and then flew into the heads of that couple. It was haunting to witness! Whatever your story is, YOU are there, and the medicine or lesson is FOR YOU.

I recently found myself in what appears to be a seizure of disposition. It took me by surprise: I realized what happened when I asked a series of discerning, due diligent questions that went unanswered and literally avoided. That response was all the information I needed. Immediately upon experiencing avoidance, deflection, and witnessing slander, my sword of truth is the first thing I pull out. Catching varmints is pretty easy when you know how.

A few years ago, a wise woman asked me, “Do you trust what is happening?” I thought about it and said, “Yes, I trust the flow of energy in all circumstances.” She said, “No, do you trust the humans/people involved?” This shocked me because I didn’t know the answer to that. I had never considered the idea and option of knowing if I trusted another human. It is now the FIRST thing I apply as I engage with others. I discern these things upfront with my skills of rapport, communication, listening, and sensory perception. Trust must be earned, and I am so grateful for the maturity level I have achieved because I was able to look that “coup” in its eye, unattached to it, all the while discerning each moment's actions…that is real self-authority. Though saying goodbye to a temple of friends, family members, and business associates might be a difficult decision because being together with them gives a sense of belonging and a memory that had real value until it didn’t.

As I wrote in “Safety Is An Inside Job” for Elephant Journal, the only safety is within ourselves and how we perceive and digest our life experiences. Learning self-reliance and how to set boundaries is a skill that will be painful; regardless, don’t stop living your life fully expressed, and never stop taking risks. Practice self-awareness by asking direct questions that address your insecurity, your discomfort, your curiosity, and dis-ease in every situation. In the beginning, this could be challenging to do: mistakes will lay your path, and over time, once practiced, those you surround yourself with will morph into being mutually respectful, kind, and dependable. Don’t give up; it can be done!

Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself to gain a deeper awareness and determine if you are allowing your shadow or weaknesses to rule you.

  • Do you engage due diligence before acting on one person’s accounting or gossip?

  • Do you consider the character and previously demonstrated acts before making judgments based on rumors?

  • Are you and your friends or colleagues connecting with one another consciously and meaningfully, or are there constant misunderstandings and drama?

  • Do you notice inconsistency in yourself or others’ words and actions/behaviors?

  • Are you or your friends speaking stories about being victimized by others?

  • Do you notice yourself or your friends blaming others for their circumstances?

  • Are you noticing how people gossip about others, money, love, and business?

  • When conflict arises, are you or those you engage with unwilling to talk things out? Avoidance can be a power game or even an emotional, mental, or physical process.

Finally: please, do not stand idly while others are shamed and disrespected. Do your work, ask difficult questions, and share your truth. People are smart; they will see through mishandling and ill intent.

To Learn Self-Awareness skills for Self-Realization, please check out the Mystic Agent website for Private Event Planning, Mentor programs, monthly online Constellation gatherings, and distant or in-person one-on-one Craniosacral/Polarity Therapy sessions or in-person monthly group Shamanic Talking Circles with Breathwork, Sounding, and Sound bathing or Yoga classes.


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