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Mothers Energy

Updated: May 10, 2020

Honoring the receptive energy of our Mother, Father, and Gaia. What is commonly known as "the Mother" energy serves humanity better when we think of it more broadly as "Feminine" or "Receptive" or "negative" energy. These words are synonymous energetically. This Receptive energy knowledge comes from a quiet place within ourselves, some must be still to know it, and others who have strengthened the intuitive muscles can move about doing masculine(outbound) things while present and receptive. This energy, too, has a polarity of kindness, understanding to rise and stand fierce in the heat for its truths. It is watery and can consume you without explicit knowledge of yourself and the boundaries that define you. Yet, healthy receptive energy can detach and move on after the conversation, dancing, or lovemaking is complete.

Collectively, it feels to me we have moved past this sudden shock that created a stillness wave permeating the earth~ giving us all time for our nervous system to reset and recalibrate. Mama Gaia liked it too! Gaia will "take" what she needs to create her justice. And, justice is not always kind, which is also a pure form of receptive energy!

Please the next time you get down on yourself for being "negative," ask yourself to go deeper, first by honoring where you are and how you feel. Receive the truths of you no matter how painful, with understanding, and then allow the stillness of your reset to happen. Self-realizing comes first.


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