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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Another Gregorian calendar year is wrapping up, and as such, I wanted to weave together where the Mystic Agent Blog has been and where I am now with the current energies.

Astrologically, this year began in the North Node of Cancer and, for me, has been about the Discernment of Heart energies, also known as our "Social Identity," expressing itself in the polarities of Understanding vs. Judgment. What was clear to me from the start of 2019; "My heart wanted to SHOW ME MORE of ME." And WOW did it!

"HeART intelligence" is our exclusive touchstone to our feelings, to its "yes" and "no's." The profound question must be asked and answered before action; "Do I trust myself, and do I trust you?" Trust can behave as overly "open" [blindly sharing everything leaving nothing tucked away for the self] or "shut down"[so afraid; there is not enough and unwilling to be shared openly] and everything in between. It's DEEP F-ing WORK. The challenge I face sometimes is to be honest with myself when I know something is "off" and then to trust my KNOWING and speak to it. Trust is subtle energy; sometimes, I overlooked its messages, then later, the experience validates what I already knew but didn't say. Get it? However, I got better at it slowly!!! My #1 priority moving forward is to "unwaveringly honor myself and my emotions, as is!"

In this I wholly trust;

"Nature is not just, and it is exact. Every form of energy must be directed, must be applied with integrity to the full satisfaction of its destiny." It simply IS. Understanding is its ruler.

"Dark Waters," in theatre tomorrow painfully teaches that every human has a right & responsibility to BEWARE who, what, when, where, and how to engage with everyone and everything. In doing so, there will be no victims, only lessons learned.

As we move into 2020, question yourself. As highly sensitive Human instruments, we require self-diagnostic research to maintain fine-tuning. I recommend noticing your physical, feeling, and emotional responses as the best way to be honest with yourself so that, in turn, you can express your Heart's truth. Slowing down life's pace supports this profound listening. Avoidance and tolerance are red-flags waving within that say, "I need your immediate attention!"