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Behind the Fear

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

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Behind the Fear is a root cause unknown by the logical mind.

What is behind fear can be unknown to the logical mind. Even when we suspect what the issue is, let's say molestation, that rational story doesn't always ease the experience at its root cause because the root often lies in the unconscious energies of the mind, body, and its field. Retraining ourselves to feel and sense energy shifts is the path to healing and becoming an embodied soul.

Connecting the unknown and unconscious through the body's proprioceptive senses to inform the mind asks us to be sensitive and listen within. The goal is to observe and nurture the self consistently to ignite the healer within. I am not talking about checking in twice a day like you would brush your teeth; no, this process is as essential as breathing and needs that level of witnessing until it becomes our nature.

My objective in writing the behind-the-scenes blog is to teach and share the different ways energy can move and, in this episode, find a root cause of fear. Every Seeker is a unique, ever-changing alchemical instrument yet, to create change, we need to have an intention; What do they want? The root of what a Seeker wants is specific to them, just like their DNA strand. Once we record an experience with our Seeker, we don't want to touch back into those specifics again because energetically, it would be continuing the session, including writing about it. When a session is complete, we let it go—because of this, writing on the blog's general topic is feelings too vague and repetitive. After all, the work of healing comes down to specifics; the Seekers! Self-Realization is a route to healing from anything, which is a choice that is solely in the individuals' lap. Where are you starting the process from, and how deep do you want to know yourself?

The esoteric meaning and warning of the Caduceus, an ancient and now traditional representation associated with healing, is to;

Know Thyself

The root cause of everything you want to know lies within KNOWING THYSELF. We are all having experiences throughout the day that are subtle teaching tools: from eating to working, exercising, rapport with others, discipline and structures along with each breath we receive and give are all eternal lessons. Acknowledging all pain, fear, and suffering within the mind, body, and soul honors redefines and strengthens who we are.

While I love the healing process, I don't want The Mystic Agent space to feel like we are pushing an agenda that everyone needs to heal because that is not true! I know wherever we are is meaningful and perfect! At this point, I need to make a hard right with my blog. The Mystic Agent mission is to support you on your journey and cultivate simplicity in being through the Self-Realization process in whatever you want to create or be! Life has SO MANY CHOICES, and HEALING is just one part of living and risking AT THE GAME OF LIFE! At this point, I will bring this BLOG back to "the self," me, and my process as a check-in to see where I want to go next!

When I am creating anything, I know it always begins with me so, if I feel lost, redundant, and out of resonance and rapport with myself or what I am doing, or my audience, it's time to detach and become still. After years of driving to educate, teach, create content, and honor my commitment as an agent, I have taken this Winter to restore myself, down-sizing and fine-tune my foundational life and listening within, so I can feel my best(and frankly up to today, I did not want it to end!)!

As we move forward, I am here for your alchemical healing when you come to me, individually for a private session or through The SOUL Game(which is free!). I am also offering a new distance healing 30-minute session to create, heal, or inspire; whatever your intention is, we will meet it together!


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