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Marriage: Should's ...Disconnections and Chaos

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

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Everything that happens is on purpose, and nothing is random. Energy is intelligent. The symbolism in this game is not like anything seen in Media before. Each episode is held in reverence before recording, through to the completion of the session. After the session, we HONOR what happens even when it appears disorganized and doesn't logically make sense. ​There is nowhere to go because wherever I go, I am. This is the SOUL's Game.

When connecting with the multi-dimensional space, flowing between the finest self and our highest self, piercing the veil between worlds into universal consciousness, anything can happen and does. "Disconnection" and "Chaos"energies arrive to symbolize what wants to be known and understood as the tool of self-realization.​Notice who, when, and what is being discussed at the moments of disconnection. How is Dzyan meeting the moments of disconnection from her partner in this marriage? Bringing the lessons into the body before she leaves out the proverbial door doesn't always mean emotions are tied up in a pretty bow. The tools we think we want are not always what the SOUL is asking for.

In our busy demanding lives, it is difficult to slow down to connect within. Often we move about our days disconnected from Universal Consciousness, aka our Higher Self, and in turn from our relations, including our marriage. Keeping mindful of the self by noticing if you're in your head thinking thoughts or present-time awareness of your hands, eyes, or fingers are in space. Where am I now? This is what I mean when I say "connection within." ​When in the present moment, we are connected to all things out of time and space. When we are in our head, behaviors, or emotions, we are not fully connected with our infinite resource of knowing.​ Notice I didn't say disconnected because it's an innate connection happening regardless of comprehension or not. However, discernment gives us creative force leverage to manifest our lives our way so the relationship can always be strengthened! Be easy with this; wherever you are is right on the path to a conscious connection within. As Amanda Lux said, "it might take a bit of work to get back in the game; you might have to be crafty...".

Our computer mind is always trying to help us meet life's moments by resourcing what it has been taught previously. Telling stories of circumstance, what one wants, why one is having an experience, or how they got into it is justification and self-validation for the logical mind. When we consciously observe the mind, we see it grab onto anything rather than process through the emotional and painful questions, especially our significant commitments like a Marriage. This internal struggle can feel out of control, fragmenting, and for some insane while in it; however, once the waves of energy run through the human energy system, the truth will come forward to soothe and understand the experience. Energetically, responsibility comes before rights. Owning our internal reality, giving it spaciousness for things to happen, will support pain and a rush to protection through justification, victimhood, and illusion to snow melting on a warm day.

As Dzhan said, "There's a lot of juicy work coming up from the needs that come to stay in this marriage."

Yes! STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when you hit resistance in a ​marriage.​ Notice internal pain, conflict, confusion or sabotage. It's the medicine your SOUL wants you to see, decide if it's yours or someone else's. If it is yours, Love it up, it's the juice!

WARNING:​Avoidance is like deciding to end a ​marriage ​with the sickness itself! Who wants that?!

SESSION MEDICINE:​I know this is happening and I don't want that yet, I don't feel ready. I know I need to let go but, I don't feel ready to let go.

Making or taking the time, to be honest first with yourself and then with your partner will always lead to the answer of "when will I be ready?" and "how will I know?" ​This approach is foundational to the adage "the truth will set you free." Either something will crack open, and you will have a realization that resets you to stay in the marriage, or you both will wake up and begin to see and believe each other's actions and words and go. Never void yourself of the potency that is YOU in any relationship!​ The work doesn't start or end with a marriage. Acting in truth will flip your world around!

FINAL THOUGHTS ON MARRIAGE: There are many stories of Marriage. Here in the US, many would say, "it's an agreement between two people written in the bible." A human-made book that many give their sovereignty to. Others might mention the many fairy tales; once you have it, you will be happy-forever-after. Practically, it's a commitment that some take seriously and aspire to live up to. Energetically, my experience tells me marriage is between the Human Form and the Soul. One of the oldest stories is the inner marriage between the masculine and feminine aspects. Learning how to harmonize, communicate, and vacillate between these two polarities supports self-empowerment and sovereignty. Which of the options offers the best long-term tools and principles to understand; Should I stay or go in a marriage?


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