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Chaos: Can I Live Without It?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

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Is Chaos your Rythym? A desire to meet each moment fully prepared without concern is the objective here. The question is can I live without the chaos and adrenaline jolt the body system is used to experiencing? The way we meet life challenges can become a habitual behavior pattern for the human energy system. Once presented with a need to change things up for comfort and ease, the system might question you, and that might feel like fear and anxiety of the unknown variable; can I do this?! Unless "change" is something you learned to embrace to explore your life, it can be confronting! Society has emphasized control as good and change as, it's no wonder we want to fall back into our wet diapers helpless instead of simply meeting the new change required.

When connecting with Ether Element, aka our Higher Self, the polarity continuum can vacillate between infinite possibilities in the positive pole and chaos in the negative pole. An Etheric connection is a guiding force to being your best self: engaged and conscious with all of life; however, that link alone without solid footing can create chaos, illusion, and spaciness in the head. To connect between these two elements, Ether (aka Heaven)and Earth, successfully, the energies ask us to ground ourselves with structure, form, discernment, and organizing systems.

Experiencing fear when not remembering details is a different type of nervous system jolt. Notice when the human energy system is meeting resistance; what is it telling you? Is there a real danger here? Is my system responding to the unfamiliar with uncertainty? Honor the behavioral response and discern at the moment what the truth is. Take your time with this process. Soothe yourself like a loving Mother or Father would by listening, not fixing. Then when calm, direct yourself to the new behavioral response.

MEDICINE: A new way I need to think, I need to slow down, and I need to tune in with my body; I can't just go with my mind. I need to separate these two pieces.

It's an excellent exercise for those who haven't wanted to embrace change, to try something new often! You can always, at any time in life, rewire the explorer process within! Do this, and you will be able to meet every moment of change that shows up with strength, fortitude, and a willingness to fail, and the joy of learning!

As Amanda Lux said, "it's isn't NO RHYTHM; it's a NEW RHYTHM." One step at a time, toward the thing you desire. Be measured. Do personal evaluations as you move with the process of behavior and thought modifications. Be your own supportive teacher; embrace the messiness, steps backward, and mistakes. Laugh at yourself during this process. Remember; We never really go back to where we were because energy is always moving forward, recalibrated, and refined. You have got this!


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