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Wanting to Move Abroad: Where the Heck Am I Going!?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Listen to the full blog here if you're on the go!

Energies are expressed through the archetype of "The High Priestess" in Tarot in this week's episode. She (She: not a "sex" or "sexuality") speaks to the receptive intuition's creative power: mystery, silence, and solitude. Her teaching is to honor the unknown dark energy potential as a viable "feeling experience" and once understood a divine right of passage to personal clarity. I KNOW.

As Shakespeare once wrote in the play Hamlet, "TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE."

This KNOWING creates and inspires the right action by understanding where I am and where I am going.

What comes before this KNOWING is the spark within and/or around the physical being that moves the body instinctively. The mind's real job is to be consciously aware of the FEELING and then interpret it into a language. Once the emergence of the senses and conscious neutral mind happens, doors open to the High Priestess incoming knowledge that is pure potentiality; limitless and unbound by the logical pre-programmed mind. From here; visions, color, smells, and synchronicities will show themselves even though the unknown is all we know. Reaching out to the unseen friends: land, herbs, ancestors are wherever I am, it's just a matter of touching them with my mind.

How to create Activation through our heart map to know where I am in relationship to all things:

  1. Be aware of your inhalations and exhalations.

  2. Meditation

  3. Notice what is going on in your Human Energy System and around you: sounds, environment, field energy, visual stimulus.

  4. Develop a rapport within (#3) and with others; people, places, or things:

    1. Listen and reflect only what others tell you.

    2. Use I statements when speaking.

    3. Do not give advice.

  5. Experiment with your rapport by connecting with plants, animals, rocks, and water. Say Hello; What do they have to say? Where within your being will they speak to you from?

We usually only see the surface instead of opening up and sensing everything within us. Converting your sensory perceptions into thoughts takes training like any muscle development.

"Embracing the ever-fluctuating journey" could be a metaphor for Travel. What if we are not supposed to know the answers to; "when," and "how" and instead, we only know our “why” or "what?" Think about what it would be like only to sense that macro vision that motivates movement within us, yet we have no step by step rational plan: Could you do it?

Teaching yourself how to connect in a healthy and thoughtful way with everything and every one by listening and touching through unseen energy lines will mature and expand who you are. Learning to move as a conscious witnessing to life's polarities; the unknown and the known or the rolling stone's freedom to a pinpointed direction. Intuitive daily adaptations are a touchstone to a calm, stable mind, a robust heart map, and knowing where I am at all times.

Medicine: It was about listening to the land itself, and not the other voices or the thoughts but to the land itself that is calling you home in your heart.

My intention for writing the "behind the scenes blogs" is to share general energetic principles that undergird the MEDICINE aspects in each episode. This is for The Mystic Agent community of Seekers interested in diving deep on their path to self-regulation and knowing where the heck we are going together.


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