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Blinded by Love and Pregnancy.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

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The Soul Council was honored to hold this sacred and vulnerable request for Rose, Blinded by Love and Pregnancy. I haven’t said this yet, and each SEEKER is a gift to the teaching of The Soul Game because they are opening their heart, mind: inner workings by gifting their life lesson through the game experience to all of humanity. By doing so, each Seeker is claiming their worthiness and acknowledging they are not alone.

Watching the game illuminates different perspectives and takes the teaching of cause & effect to the next learning phase by demonstrating a new energy language and Self-Realization tools.

Growing up, my grandmother taught us by her actions and words that we should keep our “family issues” secret. That idea itself constructed shame. You know the idea of not talking about “it?” as though the silence will somehow make the problem go away? Not! Common sense tells us, holding-in shame aggravates our energy system and can create regrets and physiology trauma.

Is there one person in this world that hasn’t found themselves in a situation they regret participating in? The odds are very high; there is not! To some extent, we have all been blinded by love because we want to believe the vision of "how it could be.” The beautiful family…with the green yard and a dog.

Love and pregnancy go hand and hand in every fairy tale read to us since we were children. It’s another GRAND MIS-TRUTH sold to society. At this moment, I can see how writing, books, and television have blinded us. We will overlook our knowing, senses, and pain to do what the books say is the “right” thing to do. What is right for you is unique to you and only you and your heart know that. Which is totally contrary to the fantasy of what we read or see on TV. Yet, we are the eye of what we create around us. Can we learn to look within first?

Medicine: From the perspective of being really far away from where it is safe. It feels like there is a little bit more permission for me to witness and be witnessed and to actually put myself together.

Taking back control through responsibility as Rose does, for wanting to believe in love and pregnancy softens the mind and nervous system giving them a pathway to acceptance and the permission to heal. You are the only thing you can control.

Rose owns how she participated in this situation. She then can begin to honor the guilt, sadness, and the difficult decisions she made even if victimized. Once given space and time, neutrality comes in, and she will naturally heal the disconnection and fragmentation within to reclaim true love, the Love of Self: Our real purpose for being.

Bottom line: We are all learning, so “it’s all good.” Both of the perceived positive and negative poles of life experiences are always presenting themselves in;

“The right place at the right time.”


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