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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I remember the moment vividly; it was on my 21st birthday, and my date for the evening...a man, told me about multi-dimensional reality. THE CONCEPT BLEW MY MIND! I struggled so hard against what he was saying, and eventually, it relented. What bound me gave way, and I literally opened up.

Up to that point, I always thought there was one truth. Mine! {LOL} Sure, I had been drinking; after all, it was my 21st birthday, and due to my limited thinking, I assumed drinking was THE THING TO DO on the BIG 21st! Another misconception sold and bought by me! {LOL/crying} My dates' lasered questions of my perspective allowed me to understand a broader point of view.

What is wild about that "struggle;" The concept was sobering to me! Once I could digest it, my energetic body/field immediately went outward, horizontal, and lower onto the earth. I can still feel that conversation as if it was yesterday yet, I didn't realize how the energy moved within me until THIS MOMENT! Now, after decades of life experience and more than 22 years of proprioception and energetic medicine training, I know that feeling well.

When I recalled that memory, I was literally touching that moment in time through the laws of nature that make the Universe and everything in it. For those few Mr. Toad Wild Ride moments in the front seat of my new Honda Civic, I was free within those multiple views and dimensions.

Now, I would interpret that as being one with all things known or unknown. Wow, I didn't expect this expression to come through me. SUPER COOL! Thank you for taking this in, and please throw out what doesn't work for you. The next morning, I popped right back into my limited thinking along with my massive hangover! Yet, I was changed forever from that conversation and experience. It would still take me years and years of more self-discovery to know that; I don't shit about shit. Truth speaks!

In the space between "trying" to be heard and the struggle to listen more resonantly, the title says it all; Deeply held Opinions. "I am rooted in one idea as the only correct opinion. It's like being locked in a room with only your thoughts and nowhere to go! Think about that; how would that feel? What would happen to your mind and body after a week or a year? You might know the answer to this after experiencing 2020. It's confining and narrows the possibilities; conversely, it doesn't allow you to run away or distract you with busy activities. It's just you and you.

Humbly I say: When we think we are sure about anything, and that idea has us frustrated or feeling poorly, we should question ourselves.

"The person with the problem is the person with the problem." quote by the Mystic Agent

The bridge between the Self and The other/issue is the "medicine" to what ails me. How am I like the thing that I am so angry about in you? Or, what do I want from the "other?" Instead, give that to yourself. Because I am the one who is upset, I am going to take this into my own hands to be with and heal myself.

We can't always know the "others" story, the depths of emotional experiences, and/or the whys of their truths. Heck, they might not even know their whys! How then can we connect with them when we feel so compelled by how we experience them?

"There's so much emotion behind how I feel that I don't trust myself to say it well, so I don't say it." quote by Cindi

ENERGETIC EXERCISE: Approach people by keeping a broad view of them, literally looking past them, non attached to anything they say. My teacher would say (and I paraphrase this), "I don't care," yes, I am here to support you, and I do not hold anything you say tightly; I watch it flow through, around, and past me. YES, I am saying; You may NOT CARE!!! I dare you. I double-dare you! "Don't care about things, lightly...and whimsically."

"You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." quote by unknown.

You may not like what the other person is saying. And, it is hard to listen when we hold onto our own ideas that are in conflict with what the other is saying. Since we can not control others' words{or actions}, we are left to observe what happens out there. And, observation without judgment is a neutral energy.

EPISODE MEDICINE quote by Amanda Lux

"Knowing in myself that as long as I am in my truth, in the authenticity of my truth within my being, that what is going on out {t}here, doesn't matter."

So, what is my Truth? Do you know your authentic truths and responses? What is TRUE about me?

CREATE A LIST: Cindi's list; I am innately positive; I love yoga, organic gardening, dogs, sons, family, and painting. And I don't listen well. Cindi cracks me up!

Can I catch myself in my thoughts around others' beliefs, behaviors, and actions?

MIND EXERCISE: Once I see the thoughts thinking, say hello to those thoughts, and actively focus my mind upon the things that bring me joy.

Final thought: Will I place the supports of my Human Energy system above all others to stay within the truth and integrity of my Being?

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