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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

"There are friends that I go to for the "Issues in my Tissues," and there are friends that I go to to have a good lunch or something. There are two different qualities." ~ Taylor Mulholland

This metaphor "Issues in my Tissues" really hit me when Taylor said it; Wow! She is resourced! She is committed to practice self-witnessing, self-realization, and healing from within. She is listening to her energy field as it expresses through her tissues. She notices how she feels after eating food, communicating with people, and walking into any room, sensing how it all feels. Leaning into life's challenges requires trusting one's system, from the sublime and mundane to chaos, being overwhelmed, getting lost, failures, limited options, isolation, copping out, and giving up. BAM!!! This is not for everyone.

Taylor came to a clear understanding that; "I am much better when I communicate with people. I need and want things reflected to me." That approach will be foundational within her moving forward. Woo hoo! Hearing the truth of the Soul desire, in this case, leaves her speechless. Most who experience this resonate connection within are shifted mentally, emotionally, and physically immediately, within a few days or a week.

During Taylor's Follow-up Interview (2 days after the primary session), she said; She was very high[energy] after the session. She had pressure in the throat, so she began doing thymus tapping to open it up. She also realized she must open her heart first to open the Thyroid. She subconsciously started wearing green colors and eating green foods representing the Heart Chakra in the color spectrum and are watery foods, respectively. Her entire human energy system is communicating with her, and SHE IS LISTENING. That process leads to Self-Realization, which is a feeling of knowing vs. an idea of the logical mind. Funny too, it might not even make any sense logically!

"I don't want any stories about it or justification. I just want the middle notes to be loved." Quoted by Adrian Sothis

She is dedicated to Polarity Therapy, to unwind energy and discover her own path to healing. This approach can shift energy as if you are jumping through time and space into a point of balance within your energy field. Or it can be a layered unwinding of clogged energy that moves you somewhere new yet, takes as long as it takes. ALL ENERGY from the positive pole to the negative pole wants to be nurtured and supported. All energy is happening on purpose so, "it's all good!"

SIMPLY SAY TO YOURSELF: "This [XYZ experience] is interesting. I wonder what it will teach me?!" Be in curiosity vs. judging things to be "good or bad."

In my experience, when I dedicate myself to listening within and being curious about life events, my Chakras began acting out so I could identify them easily. Then it became a process of flushing through each Chakra. During one of my Chakra flushing, I felt I was drowning in Water, and then, after 24 hours, I slowly came out of it~changed. Those hours were some of the toughest in my life! I blew out, burned up, flushed down, and rinsed each Chakra several times! This process happened naturally while moving up (evolving) and down (involuting/grounding/creating a new structure) and sometimes hopping over one or two Chakras to another. I completely unwound and digested my lineage and came into the now, as my Authentic Self, combining all that I have ever been into the present moment. So-much-so that friends and family members have said, "You have really changed!" Everyone and everything in my life is now new! I did it. It was not easy. It is worth it!

Lean back to open up!

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