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The Self-Summit: How Do I Know What Is Right For Me?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

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The Mystic Agent content exists to emphasize that all the wisdom you seek to create the life, health, relationships, and wealth you want exist within you. As Ruby said, create a “Self-Summit, to learn, listen and make a relationship with your senses, the truth speaker of your alchemical nature. You are the BEST arbiter of all things YOU!

Why should anyone care to ask the question, “How Do I Know What Is Right For Me?” Because it’s natural to want to explore and be curious in order to expand and grow! I would say it is why we are here on Earth as human beings. Many spend the majority of their life responding to what life throws at them. Like being in front of an automated tennis ball pitcher: there is no chance to stop and sense what I want or feel cause I am too freakin busy with the next ball coming my way! Do you want to run around chasing things, or do you want to be grounded and measured to know what is right for you?

Our Soul wants to SEE itself before it can genuinely be seen by the world fully aspected. In my blogs, I often speak about the confusion between the precognitive physiological responses and the programmed mind response as the definition of systemic disorientation. Are you able to take in what is happening and speak to your internal experience freely? By taking time to understand the experiential proprioceptive senses and our conscious intent we teach our own system down to the cells and atoms that we are worthy of the very things we desire from others: understanding, attention, continuity, space, and flexibility.

How do you know what is right for you? Think about it, what is your answer to this question? The trick is discovering through trial and error what works for you. Next time you are given a choice or need to decide something notice your first responses within your physical body rather than resourcing your mind for what you “think about it.” Where do you feel this? Did your energy level change? Notice what you notice within and around you. . Here are a few examples of what this could feel like (please do not allow these ideas to limit the scope of your experience): do you feel lifted, taller, lighter, or pushed down to the earth, heavier, dense? You could also feel a subtle falling backward or to either side; left or right. Witness what happens within.

DISCOVERING COMFORT WITH "the SELF" will redefine why, when, and how to create the personal boundaries you want.

Medicine: what I feel like I need is to not make boundaries with other people but to check in with myself and clear in myself whatever is blocking me.

Good-bye Self-Sabotage, I have choices how and when I respond! A silent reaction is my golden ticket to gathering the unique, authentic consciousness within me. At the same time, I am giving the speaker the echoes and ruminations of their own words. Having no answer is an answer when finding what is right for you! Shifting away from the logical mind as the first resource of expression can change things up and expand your awareness. I know for sure that the best decisions in life don’t always make logical sense! I am developing new neuropathways by giving myself the space and time needed to be clear before I answer whether that's immediate, in 15 minutes, or three nights of sleep, I am doing what is best for my system!

At the SELF SUMMIT, you will evaluate and recognize how to make good decisions and determine whether you want boundaries, space, or merely a pause in order to discern what is right for you. Your Human Energy System is the one who knows and will tell you your true Yes’s and No’s.

This is another example of the Self-Realization process.


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