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I Want This To Stop!

Most people have NO IDEA of all the parroting thoughts called loops that replay for us from our mind-computer. We simply follow and believe what our mind tells us is right. Our energy system then responds relationally, emotionally, with more thoughts and a corresponding attitude! Which can leave us feeling pain, confusion, and stuck energy.

STOP. Are any of these "thoughts" real for you? Do you believe everything you think and hear? Pause. Receive a breath here, please.

What if we could slow our minds down enough to take the time to witness each of our ideas and ask it: Is this really true for me, now? Is this idea mine, or does it belong to someone else, like my mother, partner, or friend? Pause. Receive a breath here, please. What is your truth, who's this thought really?

If it is not yours, please feel free to give it back to whom it belongs in your imagination. Then write down what is right for you. Keep that as a resource for the future.

Looping thoughts imprinted upon us through our developmental years can be challenging to see, love up, unwind, and mature. However, it can be done! It takes the development of new conscious patterns.

Many spend a great deal of time and effort going down someone else's rabbit-hole by submission and thought-LESS-NESS. What if we simply stopped what we were doing long enough to observe, relate to, and question the thoughts we have?

Warning: Be ready to get lost within and possibly get overwhelmed at times at a range of visceral experiences while exploring "the Autonomous Self"; to move through and past insecurities, fear, and discomfort held within behaviors and old patterned thoughts from wherever you are. The guidance to give yourself; "I can witness, honor, and be with my experience, without judgment, knowing this energy wave will pass." That is the unwinding energy game!

What created this irrelevance of "the individual creator within?" As babies and children, we saw and felt the future; we knew the creative force within us. Yet, no one around us spoke about exploring the senses and energies within and around us. Instead, the world taught us to place our attention outside of ourselves and put others' ideas and priorities above our own. That created systemic disorientation, and we became lost within ourselves.

History tells us that predatorial dominance was a way of life and was passed on from the caveman period to the present time. From babies/children were taught to respond to our parents in a dominated education where they bossed us around and didn't teach us to think for ourselves. Why would our parents and our society accept and pass on these submissive behaviors in ways-empowering? Have we been taught that it was easier to follow others? Or do you prefer not thinking and applying the sensing for your own best interest? Do we want to inspire creative original thinkers?

Predatory dominance teaches individuals to look for other opinions before self-development, learning the uses of our innate senses and intuition to understand our systems' unique likes and dislikes. Did your parents ask you your thoughts and support your explorations? Or where they are dictators, "helpful-guides-cause-they-love-you" sharing all they experienced in their life, so you didn't have to experience their pain. Did they teach you their "right way?"

Most babies and children are raised as though they knew nothing and were less than the adults because they don't speak with words; they are younger with less life experience on the surface. Science knows that it is NOT true. Babies are being developed by the environment outside of the womb; once birthed, they can use sign language to communicate while their speech is developed. Babies can also be trained immediately after birth to go potty on a toilet!

What if the child's limitless imagination was really the inciting incidents for evolutionary ideas and actions, if unsuppressed? I have heard so many creative adults saying, "My children gave me this idea!" The real difference in a secure vs. insecure young person is whether their parents inspired self-discovery allowing and supporting all failure as lessons vs. losses, and sincerely listened to and resonated with their children. The children that receive this type of acknowledgment grow to be wise, self-empowered, and autonomous young adults!

No matter what your personal or historical story is, STOP. Be easy with yourself. As you can, begin again; "ReParent yourself," "ReThink," and "Question what is true for you." Start to develop new behaviors and actions that model the vision of WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

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