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"Playing Life BIG"

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Who has wanted to play life BIG and pursue their creative ideas yet, didn't really know where to begin? Especially when you know your thoughts are forward-thinking, just ahead of the mean because what you envisioned always came to pass! However, being in the right place at the right time doesn't always mean you know what to do when you are there.

Learning your authentic expression to manifest your Vision and Purpose starts with alchemical alignment from within. The components needed for each of us requires understanding the Self-Realization process. If you intend to PLAY life BIG, you gotta be willing to strip down naked of what you think you think, and begin to listen, feel, and wade in the fluctuating tides that call for you to comply with your inner musings called your senses. When first attempted, this new relational skill is not glamorous, comfortable; the risk is involved, along with humiliation and loss. Sound GOOD?! LOL. It is the GAME of LIFE!

When continuously told what to do and how to do it during the developmental years from inception to teens, we become fearful and small, uncertain of what WE THINK and FEEL about everything. Ultimately we lose the ability to voice an original opinion directly. You see, our brain is pious and retains what is imprinted upon it. Yet, Human Beings are organizing intelligence at every level of our being down to the cells, atoms, and subatomic matter, so our system naturally adapts to the force and finds a way around blockages. Due to this, out of our natural harmonic flow, the dis-ease becomes functional. And, what we became is not who we are at a SOUL level.

Our system and mind learn to solicit others' help rather than resource our own thoughts and feelings. We make ourselves too accessible, docile, and accommodating in a way we might not recognize consciously. Even when people interfere or interrupt our: focus, time, space, and creativity, we hardly acknowledge a boundary that has been crossed. Our actions become reactions to others, rather than plotting a course self-determined in our passions, rightly or wrongly willing to risk, to learn and grow!

Regardless of the internal fears, when your heart is BIG, you attract people the minute you walk into a room! Your physical size doesn't matter here because you are HUGE energetically! Yet, knowingly or unknowingly, as a way to feel safety and likeability, you attach to or tentacle out ahead of our physical body to others' energy systems asking, "Am I safe?" "Am I welcome here?"

How do I take back my courage, fortitude, and press up against the explosive bigness that "I Am" within? It begins with the Self-Realization process: Which is the development of your "witness mind" and senses so you can start to notice your system's guidance. A beginning step is to learn how to creatively think, behave, and evolve.

Let's begin with this: Understa