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Thinking of the Mind as a Ball

"I tend to equate confidence with rocksteady but, "this" (visual gesture of a fist as a metaphor for the Mind pressing into an open-handed palm)is like a "Ball," and the irony is when I am most confident, I am free! The calm, cool, collected energy is FREE ENERGY!" - John Woodley

What is "Free Energy?" Everything is energy. Even man-made dense items like a rug are made up of life energy.

Dr. Randolph Stone quoted: "Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms."

Energy will get stuck in areas of the body that it doesn't resonate with fluidly. When this happens, it usually comes with a learning lesson if you listen to and honor your system's needs. I discovered this by playing my crystal bowls for a large group in Ojai, California, during a retreat. Some in the group became irritated by the sound; others loved it. My roommate had a sinus infection, and the sound caused her intense head pain. However, the next day her sinuses opened up, and her condition was suddenly gone. Lesson: "Free Energy" moves through the Human system without getting stuck, which creates tension.

Blocked or stuck energy echoes and then reverberates in our mind/body trying to move FREELY. These smart atoms are organizing intelligence literally hunting for freedom of movement, unable to find the way out, contained in a deathly echo chamber bouncing off the walls containing it. Which can create looping thoughts in the mind and biological tissues too.

When I witnessed John's Ah-Ha Moment as he realized his mind was a moving Ball; I saw the Electron as an expression of this same ball of free energy in my third eye. How many of you know about The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? Please check out this video:

"This experiment is a basic yet very effective method of differentiating between waves(light energy) and what is composed of particles -- matter - on the atomic level.

When the electrons were observed, t